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  • Risk markers for cardiovascular diseases

    Patent application submitted 09 June 2010

    Application Number: 09162329.8 1222

    The invention relates to a method for determining the risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease based on the presence of different polymorphisms as well as to kits for practicing the above method. The invention also relates to a method for determining the risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease by combining the absence or presence of one or more polymorphic markers in a sample from the subject with conventional risk factors for CVD as well as computer-implemented means for carrying out said method (+).

  • Platelet Stabilization WO/2007/09 8436

    Patent application submitted 07 January 2010

    Application Number: 20100167261

  • Channel Kv1.3 Channel blockers for the treatment of diseases associated with intima layer hyperplasia

    Patent application submitted 08 October 2004

    Application Number: 08105518.8

  • Method and kit for the detection of hypertension risk

    Patent application submitted 29 March 2004

    Application Number: 200400883

    A prognostic or diagnostic method for use in human essential hypertension that detects the presence or absence of a polymorphism in the KCNMB1 gene in a sample taken from a human patient, causing an amino acid substitution in the polymorphism that replaces E (glutamic acid) with K (lysine) in position 65 of the corresponding coded polypeptide. In particular, the polymorphism is a replacement of the unique G nucleotide in position 352 of the KCNMB1 gene sequence with an A nucleotide. Methods, composites, and kits are presented for the diagnosis and prognosis of essential hypertension in humans. Composites are also provided that offer prophylactic or curative treatment of essential hypertension.


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