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  • EURHOBOP Project

    The EURHOBOP project (EURopean HOspital Benchmarking by Outcomes in acute coronary syndrome Processes)

    The project is funded by the European Commission ("Executive Agency for Health and Consumers"), under the Second Programme of Community Action in the Field of Public Health (2008–2013). It contributes to pursue the objective of “generating and disseminating health information and knowledge” and is based on the preliminary results obtained in the EUPHORIC ( cardiovascular pilot study.

    EURHOBOP seeks to provide European hospitals with a validated set of statistical functions to assess their performance in the general management of acute myocardial infarction or unstable angina patients and in the use of the treatments aimed at removing the coronary artery occlusion.

    EURHOBOP is intended to provide the European Community with valid standardized and adjusted benchmarking tools that permit European hospitals to monitor their outcomes in key procedures used in coronary artery disease.

    EURHOBOP will make it possible to benchmark hospital performance, which is considered a key instrument to guarantee and improve the quality of health care delivered to European citizens.

    Download EURHOBOP leaflet here

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