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Fernández-Mariño AI, Porras-González C, González-Rodríguez P, Selent J, Pastor M, Ureña J, Castellano A, Valverde MA, Fernández-Fernández JM

Tungstate activates BK channels in a β subunit- and Mg2+-dependent manner: relevance for arterial vasodilatation.

Cardiovasc. Res.. 2012 Jul;95(1):29-38, PMID: 22473360

Tungstate reduces blood pressure in experimental animal models of both hypertension and metabolic syndrome, although the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. Given that the large-conductance voltage- and Ca(2+)-dependent K(+) (BK) channel is a key element in the control of arterial tone, our aim was to evaluate whether BK channel modulation by tungstate can contribute to its antihypertensive effect.


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