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Jiménez-Quevedo P, Suzuki N, Corros C, Ferrer MC, Angiolillo DJ, Alfonso F, Hernández-Antolín R, Gonzalo N, Bañuelos C, Escaned J, Fernández C, Costa M, Macaya C, Bass T, Sabaté M

[Assessment of dynamic coronary plaque changes and the clinical consequences in type-II diabetic patients: a serial intracoronary ultrasound study].

Rev Esp Cardiol. 2011 Jul;64(7):557-63, PMID: 21641709

One of the aims of secondary prevention is to achieve plaque stabilization. This study sought to investigate the clinical consequences and predictive factors of the change in the type of plaque (CTP) as assessed by serial intracoronary ultrasound in type II diabetic patients with known coronary artery disease.


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