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Modrego J, Maroto L, Tamargo J, Azcona L, Mateos-Cáceres P, Segura A, Moreno-Herrero R, Perez-Castellanos N, Delpón E, Pérez-Villacastín J, Rodríguez E, Macaya C, López-Farré AJ

Comparative expression of proteins in left and right atrial appendages from patients with mitral valve disease at sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation.

J. Cardiovasc. Electrophysiol.. 2010 Aug;21(8):859-68, PMID: 20132404

The objective was to compare by proteomics the expression of proteins associated with the cytoskeleton, energetic metabolism, and cardiac cytoprotection between left atrial appendages (LAA) and right atrial appendages (RAA) obtained from patients with mitral valve disease both in sinus rhythm (SR, n = 6) and in permanent atrial fibrillation (AF, n = 11).


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