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Rigol M, Solanes N, Roqué M, Farré J, Batlle M, Roura S, Bellera N, Prat-Vidal C, Sionis A, Ramírez J, Sitges M, Sanz G, Bayés-Genís A, Heras M

Hemosiderin deposits confounds tracking of iron-oxide-labeled stem cells: an experimental study.

Transplant. Proc.. 2008 Dec;40(10):3619-22, PMID: 19100453

The aim of the present research was to study the possible interference of hemosiderin deposits with the histological detection of dextran-coated, iron-labeled, mesenchymal stem cells after intracoronary administration in a porcine model of myocardial infarction.


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