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Vela Navarrete R, Garcia Cardoso JV, Barat A, Manzarbeitia F, López Farré A

BPH and inflammation: pharmacological effects of Permixon on histological and molecular inflammatory markers. Results of a double blind pilot clinical assay.

Eur. Urol.. 2003 Nov;44(5):549-55, PMID: 14572753

The role of infiltrating cells (I.C.), commonly observed in the adenoma interstitial tissue, is unknown. We tested the hypothesis that I.C. are related with BPH progression by: phenotypically characterising these cells; quantifying the expression of lymphokines and growth factors; investigating the response to Permixon (P) in a clinical study. Permixon is a lipido sterolic extract of Serenoa repens possessing pharmacological activities and widely used in the treatment of men with BPH.


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