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Bernardo E, Angiolillo DJ, Ramírez C, Cavallari U, Trabetti E, Sabaté M, Hernández R, Moreno R, Escaned J, Alfonso F, Bañuelos C, Costa MA, Bass TA, Pignatti PF, Macaya C, Fernández-Ortiz A

Lack of association between gene sequence variations of platelet membrane receptors and aspirin responsiveness detected by the PFA-100 system in patients with coronary artery disease.

Platelets. 2006 Dec;17(8):586-90, PMID: 17127487

Platelet membrane receptors play a pivotal role in thrombus formation. Expression of platelet membrane receptors are under genetic control and gene sequence variations of receptors pivotal to thrombotic formation have been hypothesized to contribute to different degrees of individual response to aspirin. The aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of functional genetic polymorphisms of platelet membrane receptors on aspirin sensitivity assessed by means of the PFA-100 system in patients with coronary artery disease. Gene sequence variations of three platelet membrane receptors (GPIa/IIa, P2Y12, GPIIb/IIIa) pivotal to thrombus formation were assessed in 76 patients with coronary artery disease on chronic aspirin treatment. Patients with reduced sensitivity to aspirin were defined when closure-times of collagen/epinephrine cartridges < or =193 seconds and coined as PFA-100 non-responders. PFA-100 non-responders were observed in 33% of patients. Patients with diabetes mellitus were more frequently PFA-100 non-responders. Closure times of collagen/ADP coated cartridges were reduced in PFA-100 non-responders. The genotype distribution was similar in PFA-100 responder and non-responder patients for all three genotypes and did not vary in contemporaneous carriers of allelic variants. In conclusion, in vitro determined sensitivity to aspirin assessed using PFA-100 is not associated with gene sequence variations of platelet membrane receptors key to thrombus formation.


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