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Daimi H, Lozano-Velasco E, Haj Khelil A, Chibani JB, Barana A, Amorós I, González de la Fuente M, Caballero R, Aranega A, Franco D

Regulation of SCN5A by microRNAs: miR-219 modulates SCN5A transcript expression and the effects of flecainide intoxication in mice.

Heart Rhythm. 2015 Jun;12(6):1333-42, PMID: 25701775

The human cardiac action potential in atrial and ventricular cells is initiated by a fast-activating, fast-inactivating sodium current generated by the SCN5A/Nav1.5 channel in association with its β1/SCN1B subunit. The role of Nav1.5 in the etiology of many cardiac diseases strongly suggests that proper regulation of cell biology and function of the channel is critical for normal cardiac function. Hence, numerous recent studies have focused on the regulatory mechanisms of Nav1.5 biosynthetic and degradation processes as well as its subcellular localization.


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