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Bernardi G, Padovani R, Spedicato L, Desmet W, Malisan MR, Giannuleas JD, Neofotistou E, Manginas A, Olivari Z, Cosgrave J, Alfonso F, Bosmans H, Dowling A, Vano E

Image quality criteria in cardiology.

Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2005;117(1):102-6, PMID: 16461497

Image quality evaluation plays a key role in the process of optimisation in radiological procedures. Image quality criteria for cardiac cine-angiography were recently agreed as part of a European Research Project, and a scoring system based on these criteria has been developed to allow an 'objective' measurement of the quality of cardiac angiograms. Two studies aimed at the evaluation of the methodology have been completed, demonstrating that the method can be applied to cardiac images and translated into a scoring system that yields reproducible data. Based on the results of these studies, quality criteria have been further reviewed by DIMOND III panel and the updated version is presented in this paper.


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