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Villanueva MP, Mollar A, Palau P, Carratalá A, Núñez E, Santas E, Bodí V, Chorro FJ, Miñana G, Blasco ML, Sanchis J, Núñez J

Procalcitonin and long-term prognosis after an admission for acute heart failure.

Eur. J. Intern. Med.. 2015 Jan;26(1):42-8, PMID: 25592074

Traditionally, procalcitonin (PCT) is considered a diagnostic marker of bacterial infections. However, slightly elevated levels of PCT have also been found in patients with heart failure. In this context, it has been suggested that PCT may serve as a proxy for underrecognized infection, endotoxemia, or heightened proinflammatory activity. Nevertheless, the clinical utility of PCT in this setting is scarce. We aimed to evaluate the association between PCT and the risk of long-term outcomes.


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