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Núñez J, Llàcer P, Núñez E, Ventura S, Bonanad C, Bodí V, Miñana G, Santas E, Mascarell B, Fonarow GC, Chorro FJ, Sanchis J

Antigen carbohydrate 125 and creatinine on admission for prediction of renal function response following loop diuretic administration in acute heart failure.

Int. J. Cardiol.. 2014 Jul;174(3):516-23, PMID: 24801083

The use of loop diuretics in acute heart failure (AHF) is largely empirical and has been associated with renal function impairment by reducing renal perfusion but also renal improvement by decreasing renal venous congestion. Antigen carbohydrate 125 (CA125) has emerged as a proxy for fluid overload. We sought to evaluate whether the early changes in creatinine (ΔCr) induced by intravenous furosemide doses (ivFD) differ among clinical groups defined by overload status (CA125) and creatinine on admission (Cr).


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