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Gómez R, Caballero R, Barana A, Amorós I, De Palm SH, Matamoros M, Núñez M, Pérez-Hernández M, Iriepa I, Tamargo J, Delpón E

Structural basis of drugs that increase cardiac inward rectifier Kir2.1 currents.

Cardiovasc. Res.. 2014 Nov;104(2):337-46, PMID: 25205296

We hypothesize that some drugs, besides flecainide, increase the inward rectifier current (IK1) generated by Kir2.1 homotetramers (IKir2.1) and thus, exhibit pro- and/or antiarrhythmic effects particularly at the ventricular level. To test this hypothesis, we analysed the effects of propafenone, atenolol, dronedarone, and timolol on Kir2.x channels.


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