10-year projection of coronary events in other regions

The CASSANDRA-REGICOR method estimates the number of coronary events that will occur in a given population of Spain within 10 years. Based on population cohort studies done in Catalonia, an Autonomous Community of Spain, the projections incorporate the expected demographic changes, baseline cardiovascular risk factor prevalence, and expected changes in the prevalence of these risk factors over a 10-year period. The method, developed for use in the populations of the Catalan province of Girona, Catalonia, and Spain, can be applied to other areas under certain assumptions.

The present system was developed in collaboration with Catalonia's Ministry of Health as a project to define the objectives of the Pla de Salut (Health Plan) and the Pla Director de Malalties de l'Aparell Circulatori (Directives for vascular diseases) in Catalonia, Spain. +Info